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ねんどろいど – セイバーエクストラ | Saber Extra

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ねんどろいど – セイバーエクストラ

Saber Extra~~~

The only Saber I like.
I got Saber Extra Figma and Dollfie, so I don’t see the reason why for not getting this in as well.
Bought it for a while, had a slightly problem finding a place to display it.


The sword looks fragile…  -_-


It comes with this very dumb looking face!
(pretend to be smart)



Next nend of Typemoon’s will be  Extra’s new form from the psp game CCC~~~
I bought the special edition with figma and sold the game away separately.
Not sure why or how Extra got her new form.
Tight suit with burned cloth edge!  can’t wait~~


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