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Custom Robots Revoltech Style Soundwave

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Custom Robots Revoltech Style Soundwave

What do you know~
Not just transformable Transformers getting 3rd party, even Revoltech got a 3rd party product as well.
The world really hates you Hasbro.  That’s for repainting the same mold and feeding your fans with crappy design over and over again.

This Soundwave here has a really lousy paint job, no joking about painting it by hands. … (very promising…
Aside about the painting, this toy is just like any other official revoltech product.
Yuusha style with oily plastic which will probably melt down after some years of display.
A complete different type of 3rd party in the market.

This cross over idea would’ve been more popular during the time of release for OP, Megatron, Soundwave and Rodimus.
But Revoltech joint is most likely out of date or surpassed by many other articulation system.
Double joints is what most fans are seeking on a toy now.

I couldn’t find a Decepticon logo sticker which is small enough to fit on this Sounvdwave’s chest.

This is probably the laziest 3rd party product ever.
What Custom Robots did was purely making the G1 Transformers character and plugging the pieces together with Revoltech joints which can be bought separately from Kaiyodo.
Not much effort involved~
Sometimes articulations/joints are the soul of a toy, stealing it from other brand is too low to begin with.


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