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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus

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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus

This is truly better than the Master Piece Ultra Magnus
Flashy design, more gimmicks, more weapons, better articulation and it has a cockpit.


This guy does fall backward due to small feet, but there is a double joints at the feet for angle adjustment for balancing.

Hollows all over the back to cut down the cost as usual… thanks Hasbro

Ambus is not a cheap made simple minicon with 4 solid arms and legs on it.
It feels like one of those from the legend class series which one would normally pay as a separate figure

Cockpit opened ~
Looks exactly like a control room with control stickers, foot pad, seat and monitor on the front flipping 

Ambus popping into the cockpit ~

Ambus can fit inside the cockpit perfectly.
There shouldn’t be any problem closing up the cockpit doors.

Even with Ambus inside, Ultra Magnus can still rotate its head freely.
Unluckily, mine has loosen fingers on the right… I had to set up the pose before putting the gun on it.
Let’s hope my TakaraTomy ver. will not have the same problem in the future.

Ultra Magnus is really not my favourite character.
He is not even on my favourite list.  Just got him to complete the Combiner series and maybe selling my MP Ultra Magnus away too.

Same as the MP, the waist isn’t rotatable……….
Well, I accept the excuse on this one due to the cockpit getting in the way but never forgiving the MP for being a Lego man.

The missile pods on the shoulders can combine with both cannons to form an hammer.
Serious? missile head hamming is going to kill both itself and the enemy…


I really love this Magnus in its truck mode.
Looks smooth, great transformation without detaching the front truck.

Race cars, sport cars type from Protector or Menesor can roll on board Magnu’s back.
But not for the armor trucks for being too high or too wide.

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