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ねんどろいど アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ 渋谷凛

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ねんどろいど アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ 渋谷凛

Shibuya Rin~~~~~~
I know I sound soooo excited~~~!!!!
Well, not really…………
Anastasia is actually my favourite character due to Uesaka Sumire casting as her voice.
But I am still somewhat enjoying the process of taking photos of this Nendoroid and PSing it because I am having too much fun with the latest apps “Idoltm@ster Starlight Stage”  on my cell phone. WWWwwwwwww

I got mine directly from GSC online store and it came with an energy drink as the bonus part.

Can stand on her own with the head slightly adjusted putting more weight to the front.

Tiny cute MP3 player~
The headphones aren’t attached to the ears, it is just the front hair piece keeping them in place.

The bonus part~~~ Surely looks like a can of coke to me.

The uneasy face saying “Do not bother me!”?

Shibuya Rin: I have no interest in becoming an Idol.
I tried to make the Producer looks like a 1:1 cardboard.

Took me a while with this card.
Recreating the Rare card from starlight stage by replacing the Rin inside with her Nendoroid.
Worked my ass off with the limited skills and poor knowledge with Photoshop.
Not sure if I want to do this again with pink or yellow.

How well are you doing in the Starlight Stage game?
Got your first SSR? or having SSR posters covering every wall in office?
I got a SSR Rin and a SSR Mio, but I am still trying to get a SSR pink.
However, Anzu, Utsuki or Miku never came to me.   ….. (just sad….

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