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Transformers Generations Voyager Brainstorm

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Transformers Generations Voyager Brainstorm

Brainstorm!!! One of the most popular bot from headmasters  under the command of Fortress Maximus.
It is the first remold of a Headmasters coming into the Transformers Generations.
Advanced in design of the original from the 80’s.

Instead of installing the head with power chart raising, now it’s the back of the chair in the cockpit flipping down.
A bit of disappointed but better than taking the power chart away.

Robot Mode:

Still keeping the dual as Brainstorm’s only weapon

Head is now rotatable~~~
Finally a Headmasters who can start looking else where.

Just too cool~

The one from 80’s was actually better than this poor little guy.
This one looks cheap made with terrible arms.


If you think Transformers Generations Springer was the best one in 2013, then you must pick this one up too.
This is like the thing for 2014.

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