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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Sideswipe

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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Sideswipe
In RID 2015, Sideswipe is more a of mixed ninja and Sumarai bot.
With a ninja mask and swinging a katana the whole time.

Sideswipe definitely got some nice words printing on the side.  Awkwardly they are in Chinese? or Japanese?
Since we are talking about a Ninja here they are suppose to be Japanese.
It also took me a while to figure out how to attach the katana on vehicle mode.  From my experience the sword usually goes under the car, so I took my time… Around 10 mins and I realized the sword just basically sit on top with a pin sticking inside the rectangular hole.  (-_-“) YES, it is that simple.

Sideswipe is probably the most complicate one in transforming out of the whole RID Autobot side.
Especially the shoulder flipping, they were hard to deal with but not smooth in the process.

Not by force there is really a hole on the back to hold the Katana.

So here is the whole team of Autobots in RID 2015
(combined using both Hasbro and TakaraTomy)


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