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TakaraTomy Fireblast Grimlock

Transformers Generations
TakaraTomy Fireblast Grimlock

What’s happening with Transformers is that collectors are actually buying the same mold in different colours over and over again.
Worthy? It all depends on which mold and which character we are talking.


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TFジェネレーションズ TG-26 バンブルビーゴールドバグ | TG-26 Bumblebee Goldbug

TakaraTomy TG-26  バンブルビーゴールドバグ (Bumblebee Goldbug)

Would like to share another Bumblebee on the this page.

This is a repaint of Hasbro Transformers Generation Bumblebee which I shared a while ago.
Never thought of a repaint can bring a transformer back to life.

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