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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime

Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime
The ghost leader of Autobot Optimus Prime.
Optimus sacrificed himself to save the planet Cybertron.
Then he appears as a ghost leader in RID and told Bumblebee to go down to earth.
He looks so much better in his TFP Beast Hunters form.
This new Prime looks skinny …… It also looks like the OP from TF Animate.

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Bearbrick Optimus Prime

Bearbrick Optimus Prime
Since there are only 4 Transformers Bearbrick throughout the whole project,
might just collect all 4 to complete a set in case of a  back chasing with a more costly price.
Especially with Optimus Prime which has already raised in price by like 20USD.

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TakaraTomy Hunter Nemesis Prime | ハンターネメシスプライム

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014, wish everyone to have a great year.
Like the past, I will try my best to update this blog as much as I can~~


First post of 2014 is going to be on a Prime of course.

TakaraTomy Hunter Nemesis Prime

It is basically the black ver. of beast hunters Voyager  Optimus Prime.

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