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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron

A bit late to post this Megatron up, I even have TakaraTomy ver. with me in hand along with Hasbro Superion, Defensor and Menasor too.
The whole CW series is massive and addictive, I just can’t stop switching their arms and legs for new combinations.
Ever since Transformers Classic (excluding the movies), Hasbro didn’t really put much effort in making Transformers toy.
Until Generations series followed by IDW and Combiner Wars,  Hasbro has brought Transformers collector fans back to light.

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Kids Logic Action Figure Megatron

Kids Logic Action Figure Megatron

I have never been this busy with gaming!!!
Used most of my spare time gaming rather than updating my blog. XD
So I force myself to write this post right before the release of Monster Hunters 4G.

This is my first time buying a Kids Logic action figure, my second time buying directly from Kids Logic and the last time paying for any Kids Logic product.  “N & O” NO more Kids Logic product please.

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E-Hobby TFC-D01 Decepticon Megatron with Perfect Effect PA-01 kit

Just gone back from a long holiday which I haven’t had one since year 2012.
Relaxing and slacking in every way I could think of.
Just wonderful~~~ T_Tb

Lots of new transformers and toys stacking up in my room waiting for me to open… this is what happen when I take a long break.
Really want to share TakaraTomy Dark Side Soundwave, Dino, Hasbro Roadbuster and Sky byte up right now.  But I have some other toys prepared before the holiday, which I still haven’t post up.

Such as :

E-Hobby TFC-D01 Decepticon Megatron with Perfect Effect PA-01 kit

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