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TakaraTomy AD08 バトルブレードバンブルビー | Battle Blade Bumblebee

TakaraTomy AD08 バトルブレードバンブルビー | Battle Blade Bumblebee
Another highly finishing repaint from TakaraTomy.
Most fans accepted the fact of repainting to have another new character such as Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp.
But purely repaint of a same character is disgusting and money wasting indeed.
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TakaraTomy AD17 ダークサイドサウンドウェーブ | Dark Side Soundwave

TakaraTomy AD17 ダークサイドサウンドウェーブ | Dark Side Soundwave

TakaraTomy had to throw a Soundwave in, even though he is not in TF4 AOE.
By means of Soundwave, I meant Soundblaster ~  😛  (that’s how black Soundwave referred to for most TF fans)
So…. this is basically a repaint of DOTM Deluxe Soundwave.
Cost more and “no gun”    (I am not raging !!!!

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AD06 クロスヘアーズ | Transformers Age of Extinction Crosshairs


Transformers Age of Extinction Crosshairs
Exams are keeping me away from updating ~~~ >_<
Just got a break in between to post more for this week.
Initially I was planning to upload all within last week.
Guess I couldn’t make it….

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