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ねんどろいど 戦艦レ級

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ねんどろいど 戦艦レ級
Yes, it has been a while for me to update again.
Takes forever to do it….  Too Lazy~~~~
So how many 提督 (teitoku) out there actually fighting 5-5 every single month just to burn off some extra resources??? XD
I hardly do it myself because resources has always been one of my major problem.

I have also stopped playing KanColle right before the summer event kicks off, while I have near 20k resources prepared.
So… Why did I do it?  I need some freedom, I need a life, give me some fresh air plz~~~
Been tied to the game for over a year and it gave me lot of pressure. (headache)

Even though I have stopped the game, it does not stop me from getting their stuff since they all looked so kawaii!!!
My favourite enemy of all time.  (北方棲姫 is only 2nd in place)
One of the strongest enemy in the game 戦艦レ級!!!!!!!!!

I just couldn’t help myself with this emotion.
“Pitilessly looking down at the enemy like some weakling”
TOOOOO~~~ Awesome!

Most people do not accept the fact where レ級 has a tail flipping behind her back,
I personally love the tail but hated the horse legs.  (too awkward in my view

The tail is fully playable with jaw opening, rotatable cannons and twistable body.

What make レ級 so strong and so special?
レ級 can launch air units out in the beginning of the battle followed by a torpedo afterward and she can also fire her cannon during the day battle.  (Yes, Holy sh!t annoying as hell.
レ級 is suppose to be harder because 5-5 is created base on WWII where the Japanese suffered a great lost in the actual history.

Since I don’t play the game anymore.
I would really love to レ級 showing up in one of the event.
Can already imagine the anger coming from my friends who are still playing.

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