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Transformers Combiner Wars Superion with PC-01

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Transformers Combiner Wars Superion

The first combiner from the series “Superion”
The last Superion Hasbro made was the one from Energon/Superlink and it was like a tall stickman.
As for this Superion, it look gorgeous with big arms and legs.  It looks very similar to G1. (I guess the whole Combiner Wars is using G1 image as the base and advance for a newer design)  which can attract old fans and new blood to the collection

I was waiting for the release of PC-01 and Quickslinger before putting Superiorn up here because sharing a combiner means a lot of work to me.  The time required to transform them and combine them.
Hasbro’s hands and feet aren’t really that bad.  It has great conversion in turning into either the hands or the feet.  It was the size which I didn’t like about.  Especially when they are used as the feet, the surface area is too small to support the figure.  Superion ended up falling in any direction while I was trying to play with it or give it some poses. As for being the hands, they were acceptable in size.  Big enough to match the figure.  It was only the articulation fingers losing to PC-01 and it is understandable when Hasbro was initially trying to make something economic and cheap enough for parents to buy for their kids.  So if you are not satisfied with the original’s then get the PC-01 pack. ~~(highly recommended

The part impressed me the most on Superior is probably the chest.
Back then most combiners including Superior used a chest plate to cover up the body after combine.  For this Superior, Hasbro  has already input the plate onto Sliverbolt’s leg, It was built-in as part of the transformation.  I am really buying this kind of improvement.  I personally hate TF with loosen or spare parts lying everywhere. Always end up losing them somehow.

After installing the PC-01, legs are capable of spreading wider without falling.

Perfect Effect made a little circled hole on the fist for the combiners to grab the weapons given by Hasbro.

Due to limited spacing, this is probably the best I can do.

Jet Mode:
Silverbolt got so much lighter now without the die-casting legs.  On the other hand the rest of the team got bigger than before.

Robot Mode:

How many of you had the G1 Superion completed?
I didn’t~  This is my first complete Superion in life.  My parents only bought me Silverbolt and Firefly when I was a kid.
Was I not satisfy with what I got? To be honest, I didn’t even know they could combine to form Superion.  LOL ~~
I was one of those who could live happily with only a head warrior from head master. XD~~

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