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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron

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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron

A bit late to post this Megatron up, I even have TakaraTomy ver. with me in hand along with Hasbro Superion, Defensor and Menasor too.
The whole CW series is massive and addictive, I just can’t stop switching their arms and legs for new combinations.
Ever since Transformers Classic (excluding the movies), Hasbro didn’t really put much effort in making Transformers toy.
Until Generations series followed by IDW and Combiner Wars,  Hasbro has brought Transformers collector fans back to light.

This is like a G1 Megatron but instead of transforming into a pistol, it transforms into a battle tank.
Having a G1 similar head sculpt and chest most people would take this as a master piece replacement standing beside MP-10 Optimus Prime.

As a leader class, this Megatron is missing out action phrase or electric light.
I understand most fans prefer better transformation and articulation over those functions, but i seriously wanted some lighting on the cannon blaster.

Some people prefer  to have the blaster cannon rotated upside down.
I will do that for the TakaraTomy ver.

It was thoughtful to give this Megatron a spare gun, but I want Energon Axe or Saber more if this Megatron intends to fill in the G1 spot.


I like this tank mode.
It has sliver paint finish all over it.  Hasbro would usually give the fans a big piece of grey plastic.

The upper tank part is rotatable and the tank tracks are made with high gripped rubber. So they do rotate when pushing the tank forward.

I have pre-ordered the DX-9 add on gear for this Megatron.
So this Megatron is returning to this wall for another post in June or July.

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