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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Jazz

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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Jazz

Really surprised about Hasbro making this Jazz.
I have only watched S1 ep1-14 and Jazz only came out for 1 whole ep.
Usually character with this less appearance never get its own toy.  Probably because it is a Jazz?

So … How is this bot?
Terrible~  I thought it would be something similar to Deluxe Bumblebee from TFP.   Their shape looked the same.
After opening it I realized this is something completely different ~

Hasbro’s Ver. is colourless as always.
Accurately the car mode looks flat and wide

There is definitely something awkward with the head…
Should be rounder like a circle

It doesn’t have the Sonic/Ultra sound blaster on it.
it is the key to make Jazz and they are not there. (-_-:”)…..

Okay… white spear?
What is this?????????~~~~
Knight of Unicorn?

Get one if you are planning to complete the RID 2015 TF Auotbot team.
If not, then just leave it. I don’t see how this is the Jazz I saw in the show.

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