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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Drift

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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Drift
Sharply orange spot car~

It is not rare to see Drift coming with swords or katana as his weapons.
Nope, I have not complete watching season 1.  It is actually rather difficult to stream online.
TFP was much easier… as easy as going on Youtube.
As far as I know Drift is like an old master who uses katana and having two minicons launching from his arms.
Yes, Hasbro displayed a Drift with mincons at Toy Fair and I can’t wait to see that one coming.

Here it is,
Autobot Drift

looking good~

The articulation is very similar to Bumblebee.
Flexible hand and poor balancing feet which causing the figure falling backward.


wide and round edge

the wheels are made with clear black plastic

Again the box did not show but it was easy to figure out how to store up the weapon

I would rate this Drift the same level as Bumblebee.  Strongarm is still the best toy from RID.
Even the minicons Drift is coming, I would say get this Warrior Class first because the minicons Drift looks like a cheap big legion class…

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