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Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime


Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime
The ghost leader of Autobot Optimus Prime.
Optimus sacrificed himself to save the planet Cybertron.
Then he appears as a ghost leader in RID and told Bumblebee to go down to earth.
He looks so much better in his TFP Beast Hunters form.
This new Prime looks skinny …… It also looks like the OP from TF Animate.

This warrior (deluxe) OP figure is another legion enlarge.  Sigh….
I am not liking how the fists are being blocked by the truck front.
It would really help if the truck front can be rotated to the back side of the hands.
They are like … gloves now…

The back side is impressive about this OP.
The back of the legs how the 8 actual wheels putting together looks great.
In this situation, Hasbro would usually give collectors a 4 actual spinning wheels and 4 fake painted circles.

Not too shabby when doing some poses.
Comes with a tiny single-handed energon axe.
“no gun? ????
I mean the Primes I got in the past 10 years they all came with a gun.

Feel the wrath of Prime’s axe!!
Prime with Axe brings back G1.

The size of this OP is off scale in vehicle mode.
It looks like a Hot Wheel mini truck while placing it beside Bee, Strongarm or the rest of the RID figures.

and this is how the axe is store on the truck… i suppose…
“Cause Hasbro stopped showing how the weapon is stored in vehicle mode on the transform menu”

I will only get the bigger size of TF RID OP if Hasbro is giving the same or better design of this one.
All i saw from the announcement were huge ….. baby toy…

2 thoughts on “Transformers Robot in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime

  1. I want a Voyager one. If they don’t release I will not buy any OP from RID2015.

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