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Transformers Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Grimlock

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Transformers Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Grimlock
This is a very different Grimlock.
It is green, small and weaponless.

Like Bumblebee, not a high standard collectible or posable Transformers figure but it is still good to have one.
Neat, simple, easy and without loosen parts.
I would only say the dino arms are not hidden too well in robot mode.  I prefer them to be either fold to the back or hidden inside the chest.

The outline/shape of this figure looks wide and strong.
I love this green too.
I don’t mind about this Grimlock being weaponless because Hasbro’s keep screwing up on the weapon.
it always end up with a big stick or sword being forcefully hang on the side of the body in dino mode.

It’s funny how Grimlock is running around in the city while the other Autobots trying to hide inside their vehicle mode.
Bee!! do something about your pet~ XD

The cutest Grimlock Dinosaur mode ever~
There is this switch on the head allows to open and close Grimlock’s mouth.

Yes, I will definitely wait and get the bigger size in the future.
Leader? voyager? BRING IT!


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