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TakaraTomy LG-02 Beast Convoy | Optimus Primal

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TakaraTomy LG-02 Beast Convoy | Optimus Primal
My favourite Optimus of all time.
Didn’t had the chance to buy a Japanese version when Beast Wars was on air.

It was challenging to actually get a regular Kenner version at where I used to live.
The very first release was sold out in 2 hours at ToysRus.
By the time I  got there after school, Megatron was the only one left.
The shelves were empty until 2 months later where it hits Christmas.  Beast Wars Optimus Primal was on ToysRus flyer for preserver and ToysRus really called my house for a pick up right before Boxing Day.
No words could express my feeling. The excitement and joy were over the board.
This is definitely one part of my childhood which I can never forget.

Since this is my first Jap. Optimus Prime, I am impressed by this head sculpt.
I knew about the chest panel but…
Man! I didn’t know Jap ver. had this head the whole time.  Lagging big TIME!
Most people would just buy LG-01 Rattrap because it is a new mold and this one isn’t.
I preform Optimus Primal to stay this way.
It is an accurate mold with lot of weapons equipped on him.
The only possible dislike about it is the star hammer which hidden inside its right arm.
I HATE IT!!!! looks like a stone age weapon…

King Kong Mode:

Optimus Primal Maximize!!!

I had a thought about digging out the Classic Dinobot and chasing back the Classic Cheetor from a local store.
But I got busy recently…


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