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Transformers Generations Deluxe Tankor

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Transformers Generations Deluxe Tankor
Bit late to review this guy when TakaraTomy ver. is about to release.
I skipped Beast Machine so not knowing much about this dood or any related background.
The only detail I know is that, this is Rhinox who lost his memories and pointing his gun at the Maximals.

Tankor looks like one of those old fashioned classic robot back in the in 80’s.
Clipper hands and tank wheel feet.
I am amazed by how this character got remolded into a completely new looking toy.
Seriously awesome articulation and easy to establish wide pose.
Far better than I expect~
On the other hand, Rattrap which came in the same assortment is having some transforming issue. … (leaving it aside for now


Definitely getting this guy again in TakaraTomy ver.
and will sure to post it again once I have it .

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