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Kids Logic Transformers LED Mini Figure Soundwave & Bumblebee

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Kids Logic Transformers LED Mini Figure Soundwave & Bumblebee
First time getting Kids Logic items. Unlike any 3rd party, they are official with Hasbro approval. 

This was supposed to be a set of 5+1sp. 
– Optimus Prime
– Bumblebee
– Starscream
– Soundwave
– Grimlock 
– Nemesis Prime
Nemesis Prime is not a secret but a bonus by paying an additional 50HKD upon pre order. 
I broke down the set with my friends and took only the ones I want. 
it’s good to have friends with similar interest. 

How is the quality? 
It is a simple trading figure with LED inside the head. 
The paint job is satisfy.  It is not sticky, oily or stinky. 
The figure itself is cute and very details. 
Only the price was slightly over set, but acceptable since this is an official approval. 
Hasbro must be biting big on the contract license. 

Soundwave (with LED on):

See the squared tiny button on the back of the head? 
That’s the switch for turning the LED on/off. 
Batteries can be taken out/exchange by opening the tiny panel. 


Bumblebee (LED on):
My bee has his chest logo far off to the left instead of sitting right in the middle. (T_T)
I am not sure about Kids Logic after service and policy. Maybe I can get an exchange, but I got it like a month ago.  So I guess there is nothing I can do to fix it.  (should have checked it at the store) 
Even thought this was partially my fault, it’s still made a bad experience getting Kids Logic’s stuff for my first time. 


I have also pre ordered the cute complete action figure Megatron from Kids Logic.
If that Megatron is good, then I will probably get the later release action figure Bumblebee as well. 


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