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Bearbrick Optimus Prime

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Bearbrick Optimus Prime
Since there are only 4 Transformers Bearbrick throughout the whole project,
might just collect all 4 to complete a set in case of a  back chasing with a more costly price.
Especially with Optimus Prime which has already raised in price by like 20USD.

Can’t really given any comparing comment on this when it is nearly the same as Megatron.
Its only difference is the head…
The two logos on the each side of the shoulder are shown in bear mode instead of  robot mode.   awkwardly..
It has mostly every paint details or parts which a Prime suppose to have.
glass chest panels, sliver mask stomach, yellow lights on the legs
The only missing are the smoke pipes.


I tried to give it a gun to hold with…
but I just couldn’t find the right size from my TF collection.

Will Medicom & TakaraTomy repaint this Bear Prime into black,  white or purple?
If they do, I might collect them all.
Only if they aren’t gay event items, lottery items or club items.


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