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Bearbrick Megatron

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BearBrick Megatron~
A cute project from TakaraTomy and Medicom.
Size of a 200% Bearbrick and capable of transforming into a bear looking transformer.
Easy understanding transformation and friendly to play with.
Good work ~

I didn’t expect TT would work with Medicom, I guess Medicom finally realized that they cannot stay in market if they keep on producing those poor quality 12″ Riders.
Medicom is trying to find ways to live by working together with Goodsmile  and TakaraTomy.
Yes, I once bought a 12″ Kamen Rider Kabuto a few years ago.  It was my first RAH too.  Trust me~~  those 12″ riders only worth approximately 1/3 of its price or even lower.
They have damaged body, cheap oily sticky paint job, melted plastic… just a piece of crap.
After getting a HT, you wouldn’t even bother putting another buck on Medicom 12″ again.

BearBrick Mode:

Why is there an Autobot logo on the back of Megatron.
Megatron isn’t the only Decepticon in line, there is Starscream as well.
Why so lazy???

Solid hip joints with geared arms ~
Can perform some simple posing in bear form.

To rich out my toy photos, I bought some Bandai effect parts to play with.


Megatron  (with Kuma ears)

Prime, Megatron, Bee and Starscream uses the same mold.
Just different faces and different paint jobs.



For a Medicom or brand crossover, this isn’t expensive at all.
So far, this is actually the best Bearbrick deal I’ve ever seen.

Get all 4 if possible~


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