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TakaraTomy AD17 ダークサイドサウンドウェーブ | Dark Side Soundwave

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TakaraTomy AD17 ダークサイドサウンドウェーブ | Dark Side Soundwave

TakaraTomy had to throw a Soundwave in, even though he is not in TF4 AOE.
By means of Soundwave, I meant Soundblaster ~  😛  (that’s how black Soundwave referred to for most TF fans)
So…. this is basically a repaint of DOTM Deluxe Soundwave.
Cost more and “no gun”    (I am not raging !!!!

Weapon  is not necessary because I hated Mech-Tech.
But why not even a tiny battery shaped blaster like G1… WHYYYY
Now I have a black Soundwave fighting manly one on one with fist.
Just how retarded this is.

I am not forgiving this plainest  because of the car decal on the front.
A big nice Decepticon logo~~~ and of course I love the orange clear wind shield.

Transform ~
This Soundwave really have some nice colouring.   “Silver with Black”
Would’ve been better if this was released back in DOTM

This Soundwave will definitely goes on sale or clearance.
Get it when the time comes.  I only got it early because I had to buy it as a set with Dino for a cheaper deal.


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