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AD01 オプティマスプライム (Transformers Age of Extinction Leader Optimus Prime)

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Transformers Age of Extinction Leader Optimus Prime

On vacation right now, took me a while to get back to flickr …
Otherwise this could’ve been posted two days earlier.

Even thought is the same mold, TakaraTomy Leader Class Optimus Prime  has beaten Hasbro’s in overall paint job on this toy.
TakaraTomy applied sliver on hands and feet.
Used spray painting instead of coating and gave the chest some fire patterns like the rest of the movie Prime toys.
The head is the only part where I prefer hasbro’s over TT’s.  This version is too slivered, Prime’s head is suppose to blueish.

Truck Mode:

Transform and roll’ out~~
Robot Mode:

I say “Get one now and Get it fast”
This is a must.  If you see it in store pick it up, if not then go on a site to order one.


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