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Revoltech Yamaguchi No.141 Domo-kun

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Revoltech Yamaguchi No.141 Domo-kun~~

My last Revoltech was BabyMino.
I don’t buy Revoltech often, and not quite taking a like of the series too.
Passing on most of the human shape or robots from the line, going only for the special characters with very least product to buy from.

Domo kun ~
First time seeing it release in an action figure.
Solid and heavy.  It hurts if throw as a weapon.
Comes with a few accessories and different eyes for exchange.
Reasonable pricing and durable indeed.
Can seriously carry it outdoor anywhere for photos.
The only problem I found is this Domo Kun is weighted too heavy in which the supporting stand wasn’t really capable of helping out while taking photos.

What or Who is Domo Kun?
I am not sure….
My friend said it has something to do with NHK?
I purely bought it as a toy for this cute character.


If only Kaiyodoo decided to make Domo Kun’s friends in the future, then I will just get them as well.
Even toys need Tomodachi~




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