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Maketoys Hyper NOVAE (Hyper Nova)

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Maketoys Hyper NOVAE / Hyper Nova
I gave up and forgotten about this 3rd party product completely after I saw the pre order price.
It is seriously incredibly high, beyond my budget and self allowance.


Until Maketoys announced their next limited item “Nemesis Prime”,
then Nova came back to my mind.
I wanted to have both standing right beside each like a pair of angel and devil.
Also, after some digging I realized that Nova is actually the former self of Nemesis.
Just can’t say “NO” no more right?~


Truck Mode:


Transform:  Nova


How do I call this form?
Armor Mode?


Hyper Mode;

Cool thing~



Is this a worthy toy to get ?
Not really….  at least not at its price…
Maketoys reused some of the parts from the G2 Tanker set and nearly half of the truck is copied from Hasbro’s G2 Laser Prime.

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