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Acid Rain The Last Line of Defense Speeder MK. II

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Acid Rain The Last Line of Defense Speeder MK. II

I have never seen anything like this.
It would make more sense if this was a custom made.
But this is a mass production item.  Serious?
Just too fabulous!

I really like weathering effect.
Due to man power, cost, time and money, there weren’t really many toy companies doing it or doing it right.
NECA is trying but not close at all.
Most people accepted that as  a player or collector one can and should apply his own weathering effect on the toy if  he needs to.
However, Acid Rain has broken that rules.

Here are some of the close in photos

There are two different type of  tattoo on the car top.
Consider it as “Type A” and “Type B”
I didn’t know at first and bought the one with the arrows.  So I had to go buy one more just for the girl on a missile because that was the one I wanted in the first place.  Sigh…

Bottom of the car~
Can actually see some of the steel rusted effects

Acid Rain soldiers action figure is the best 3.75″ I played.
Far better than any G.I.Joe or Marvels Universe.

Let’s Roll!

The crazies thing about this realistic series is that…  they can Transform!!


The packing is not bad too~
Comes with full coloured instruction menu

and newspaper to cut out for the soldiers to use
(Might just as well copy a few out avoid cutting the original?)

Added another wonderful series to my shelf.

Going to continue with the up coming Strongholder and the movable base cannon which announced on AC’s blog.

Never hurt to support those who makes toys with heart and passion.


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