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ねんどろいど とある科学の超電磁砲 御坂美琴

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ねんどろいど とある科学の超電磁砲  御坂美琴

Nendoroid To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Misaka Mikoto

exhausted from studying for exams and decided to take a break posting on the blog~

It has been Transformers forever on this wall and I like to share some other figures for the next few post.

This time I am sharing one of my favourite anime character Nendoroid 御坂美琴 from とある科学の超電磁砲 (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun).

Compared to other bloggers or forum, my Nendoroid post can be quite plain.
I have approximately  32-40ish Nendoroids.
Nendoroid isn’t one of my main collection, so I am not buying for the parts but for the characters I like only.


Got this Misaka last month? -_-“…
I am fall behind from reviewing my own list of Nendoroids…  Still have Sheryl, Ranka, Mk42, Saber Extra, Rozen Maiden Shinku waiting for me to open…

Level Five Electric Master Misaka

BiriBiri!!!~~ Playing her Gekota cell phone

It was a first sight love.   I had a fatal tsundere crash coming from Misaka before Index S1 was even on air.

So cuuuttteeee~~


Can’t wait for Nendoroid Kuroko and her super awesome underwear !!!!
Also, the sister as 9982 or 10032 to join my collection.


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