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Hasbro 3.75″ Iron man Hall of Armor



First time ever 3.75″ Tony Stark and Iron Man MK. 42!!!



Why did a guy like me who wants articulation would go for 3.75″ series?
There were two reasons why I bought this set.  First is the price, hasbro is selling this boxset of 6 at a price for 4 which is a pretty good deal.

Second would be the paint job. Iron man 3.75″ always have a terrified paint done but for  this box set it has a acceptable QC on it.


Tony Stark   (i know it is hard to NOT laugh at this Tony’s face !!!)



Mk. 1   (Mk.1, MK2, Mk,3 and Mk.6 are old molds)


Mk.2  (my favourite out of the entire set)






Mk. 42  (completely new mold)


I really like the blue spray on Mk.1, Mk,2, Mk,3 and Mk.6~~


10 thoughts on “Hasbro 3.75″ Iron man Hall of Armor

  1. Wow, Mark 42 has rocker ankles, that’s cool! It looks like a scaled down version of the 6 in. one. And yeah, Stark has some funny eyes!

    If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get this set? As far as I knew it was an unreleased Amazon exclusive.

  2. does the Mark 42 have a hinged neck or just a ball socket like the rest?

  3. in which country did you found this??? and how much it costs???? i’m totally interested

  4. Hi , I relly like your picture , may I dowlond that ?

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