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Hasbro Transformers Beast Hunters Ultimate Optimus Prime

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been updating slower than usual here?

Yes… got heavy workload and events going on recently.

trying to update whenever I have the time to do so.

So this time I am sharing Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime and it is definitely HUGE!!!



Size comparing!

See how tall is Ultimate OP compared to Beast Fire Predaking?  Now THIS is what I call Ultimate.


Ultimate OP does not have any sound effect but lights only.

The lights also only work in robot mode.

This OP is big but lack of transformation.  Its design is simple and missing details.

Feels like having  an extra large cyberverse in hands.
However, it has a rotatable rapid fire ring  as gimmick on its back to play with.
Some people may not like it, but i personally love the way how the ring spins!


Massive shield and sword!!
Looks like a barbarian~






This is not an iron for cloth and it is not a block of brick.

This is Optimus Prime.

I know, I know,  I got the front part transformed incorrectly.
but I dont’ have the time to redo this shot so endure with it.  T_T


I suggest picking up this OP if you are looking for something over sized.


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