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Hasbro Cybertron(Galaxy Force) Soundwave

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Yes, another Soundwave~~ getting boring isn’t it? XD
This is  a recent bought though.  I actually found  it on yahoo auction the other day and this is in mint condition.

I personally do own a Takara version, but it is not at a place where I can dig out to play immediately.  So I thought, let’s win this one to have it on my table and transform!!

Galaxy Force or Cybertron however you call it, I watched every single eps from it.  I find Superlink(energon) better in story and fighting, but Galaxy Force (Cybertron) has the better design in characters.  Aside from that, Soundwave was not put into any Transformers animation before Galaxy Force for a long time.  It was quite a come back for Soundwave to the screen again.

As far as I remember, Soundwave wasn’t on Decepticon’s side…

He was actually on a team with another transformer called “Noise Maze” and they had a mission to accomplish or something…  =_=”  right?

Cybertron Soundwave takes form as a triangular space jet

Jet Mode:


How should I say it… hmmm…
Well, this Soundwave has everything which a Soundwave suppose to have.  Chest slot, shoulder blaster, blaster cannon, Laserbeak and a head style of a Soundwave.
Sadly… He has WEAK legs ….. so weak that it can barely do any posing!!


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