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Transformers Energon Megatron

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Megatron is my favourite character in Transformers of all time. Soundwave comes in second~ ^_^

If anyone ask me which Megatron is my favourite. I would probably say Energon Megatron.
I know, he called himself Galvatron in Superlink. But I really prefer calling him Megatron myself because there is a meaning in size of its toy.
Hasbro ver. Energon Megatron is released in Leader Size, while Takara ver. released Superlink Galvatron in Voyager Size. LOL~~~ See?
Also, I loved how his Armada form take form and turned into his laser cannon ~ cool

So here it is “Energon Megatron”

Jet mode with Megatron’s Armada Tank form as weapon on top

Hyper Mode “wings lifted up and extended”

Back view of the Jet


Robot Mode  “front”

Robot Mode “back”

Laser Cannon

Energon Saber


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